What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the master cells of the human body. These cells allow us to grow, to age, and to heal. They have the potential to develop into different types of cells in the body. They can act as an internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish and regenerate other cells. Stem Cells have the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, like a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell.

The development of new technologies means that other cells, such as adipose (fat) or blood cells can be used to produce the tissues necessary to repair the human body. This research has the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life. The incredible promise of stem cell therapies for so many devastating diseases, makes it one of the most important avenues of research with the potential to successfully treat many life-threatening and costly diseases.